About Us

Vision for Excellence - In the beginning, TERRAUTENTICA, Hostal and Incoming Travel Agency, founded in 1987 by Eulogio and Elena Castro Llanos, only had a HOSTEL, offering a personalized attendance to provide a comfortable atmosphere with a variety of differentiated services for high quality. This enabled our gradual growth and in 2003 we opened the ANNEX TERRAUTENTICA. The most recent leap came with the opening of a new BACKPACKERS (see map).

Our Incoming Travel Agency, with its headquarters in Tupiza, directed by Freddy Llanos Castro and in Portugal represented by engineer Adolfo Gonçalves, was established in 1996. We have an extensive experience conducting HORSE tours, JEEP TOURS EXPLORING THE TUPIZA CANYONS, where we have a personal encounter with Nature, TRIATLÓN, a combination of 3 sports (horse, bike and Jeep) and, with its 12,000 square kilometres, the majestic SALAR UYUNI WITH WHITE DESERTS AND COLORED LAGOONS.

Our Vision and mission is to be the premier provider of tourist services in Tupiza (see map). We aim to provide services that are efficient and effective on a national and international level, equipped with experience and the ability to provide better services in dealing with our customers, with Jeeps, Horses and Bicycles being in excellent condition (Working Group).

Our philosophy of social responsibility is to create jobs for many young guides, drivers and cooks who are thus able to make a decent living. TERRAUTENTICA since its inception has been a school that has provided many people with knowledge and experience to their benefit. We value labor and each year we will meet our objectives, which gives us the strength to continue leading the way for a brighter future, empowered in coordination with different companies in the world.

Our name TERRAUTENTICA was designed in honor of our beloved great and courageous Tupiza, where we lived through so many stages of our lives. We want to share it with our customers and look proudly back on the many years of dedication to our work.