Rurrenabaque - Extreme Jungle

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Rurrenabaque: Jungla ranging from 200 meters to 800 meters above sea level and Moxos or Pampas (200 meters above the level of lmar). The Bolivian Amazon is practically virgin territory that reveals who the charms of its lush vegetation and its abundant fauna.Loros and monkeys venture put the sound environment to the jungle, piranhas in the rivers they put a touch of emotion, the tropical, permanent and intact, trails await the curious eyes of a hungry explorer. The Bolivian Amazon is a real treat for the senses.

Day 1

La Paz – Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge

Flight from La Paz (El Alto International Airport) to Rurrenabaque (50 minutes). The flight is a fabulous opportunity to see the Andes Mountain Range and a panoramic view of the Amazon rivers and forests. Our staff will be waiting at Rurrenabaque airport to transfer you, by bus, to the Chalalán office, where you will fill in the forms to enter Madidi National Park and receive information about your trip to the Ecolodge. We will recommend accommodation in a tourist class hotel. Afternoon free in Rurrenabaque.Continental breakfast at the hotel. Please coordinate with your guide.
A guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the River Beni where you will get on the boat for Chalalán. Our boats are equipped with: a roof, comfy seats, life jackets, raincoats and a first-aid kit. The maximum seated capacity on the boats is 10 people.
Travel by motor boat to the Chalalán Ecolodge. The trip is a great way of seeing the Bala Canyon around the River Beni. The Madidi NP is accessed by going up the River Tuichi. On your way you’ll see different animals and get a feel for the spectacular landscape of the Bolivian Amazon.  We recommend you take binoculars. The trip takes around 5½ hours during the rainy season and 6 hours in the dry season, mainly in July, August and September.
Packed lunch midway.
Arrival at the port of Chalalán. 25 minute walk to the Ecolodge along a wide, easy jaguar path. Welcome snack on the shores of Lake Chalalán. Our logistics staff will help you with your luggage. Time to settle in at your cabin or room.
Welcome lunch in the Ecolodge dining room. After lunch relax in a hammock or swim in Lake Chalalán.
Short walk along one of the theme paths to learn about medicinal plants and learn more about personal interests.  Return to the Ecolodge and choose from the following optional activities:  handicrafts, canoe trip, swimming in the Lake, videos about the community and the Madidi National Park.
Dinner in the Ecolodge dining room.
Short night walk along the Paraba or Silbador path to see amphibians, reptiles, insects, tarantulas, rodents, birds and nocturnal monkeys. This is a great chance to hear the sounds of the jungle.

Day 2

Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

Buffet breakfast in Ecolodge dining room. You can talk to your guide about changing the time depending on your interests. (e.g. breakfast at 5:30 am for birdwatchers.)
Morning walk along the Tapacare path where you can see and learn about the forest and wildlife. Optional topics: natural forest interpretation, wildlife behavior and bird and mammal watching. Cultural and historical themes. Return to the Ecolodge and snack.
Lunch in the Ecolodge dining room. After lunch relax in a hammock or swim in Lake Chalalán. Please cordinate with your guide.
Short walk along the Paraba path to the viewing point where you can see the beautiful landscape across Lake Chalalán, the mountains and the Madidi rainforest. Your guide will explain about the plants used for building - both hardwoods and palms - and the traditional and sustainable use of natural resources. Here your guide will talk about the park, our Ecolodge and the community. You return to the lake to go on a canoe trip along the shores of Lake Chalalán where you will be able to enjoy the sunset and see monkeys, birds, insects, bats, etc. Return to the Ecolodge for a snack
Dinner in the lodge dining room
Short night walk along the Paraba or Silbador path.

Day 3

Madidi National park - Chalalan Ecolodge

Buffet breakfast in Ecolodge dining room. You may talk to your guide about changing the time depending on your interests. (e.g. Breakfast at 5:30 am for birdwatchers, long walks, etc.). Full-day walk (6 hours) along the Anta, Wabucuro and Marimono paths to the River Eslabón. This walk includes something for everyone: animal watching, ecological processes, different habitats in primary forest and finally the chance to fish and swim in the natural river pools, mainly in the dry season. The Eslabón region is an ideal place to learn about the history of the area. Pack lunch and snack at the Eslabón Camp. The walk is easy and is within the capability of all visitors. There is ample opportunity to see wildlife - spider monkeys, tapirs, deer, and wild boar and maybe catch a glimpse of a jaguar.
Optional Activity Day 3(lake Santa Rosa): This activity consists of hiking one way and boating the other way to/from lake Santa Rosa (the order of the hike and boat will depend on transport schedule to/from Rurrenabaque) The hike takes about 4 hrs.30 min. through pristine rainforest with high presence of forest mammals. Along the trail, you will be able to visit a “clay lick”, point of attraction for herbivorous and frugivorous. Box lunch in Santa Rosa lake shore, one of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes of the region. Canoe trip and piranha sport fishing in the lake. Shores are ideal for birds, specially macaws, and monkeys watching. The motor boat trip takes about 25 min. Snack in the Ecolodge dining room. Later relax or swim in Lake Chalalán. Traditional “dunucuabi” dinner of catfish wrapped in leaves or fish á la “tacuara” inside bamboo from the Bolivian Amazon. *This traditional dinner depends on the availability of the fish.
After dinner there is an optional canoe trip on the Chalalán Lagoon to see amphibians, nocturnal birds and alligators, which can be easily seen because of their glowing eyes. On a clear night this is ideal opportunity for stargazing.
Upon your return to the Ecolodge you can take part in a traditional Quechua – Tacana night with music and dances from the San José de Uchupiamonas community. Your guide will explain the traditions of the Uchupiamonas people. *This activity will depend on the number of guests staying at the Ecolodge and may be offered any night during your stay.

Day 4

Chalalán Ecolodge - Rurrenabaque - La Paz

Buffet breakfast in Ecolodge dining room and then walk to the river Tuíchi to take the boat back to Rurrenabaque. The return walk along the Jaguar or Wichi path can be modified to accommodate your interests. Please coordinate with your guide.

Return by boat to Rurrenabaque (only 3 hours). The time is subject to the availability of the boats and flight times. We recommend you are alert during the boat trip to make the most of your last chance to see the animals. 
Arrive at Rurrenabaque. Transfer to airport and return to the city of La Paz.

NB: All of the walks described above are rated as easy. The activities and times may change depending on the weather, the interests of our guests or other factors.

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