jungle and pampas combo tour

Terra Autentica
Terra Autentica
This is our 5-day trip to the jungle and the pampas combo operated by Bala Tours. This is a combined tour of the pampas and jungle lodges Snails On The Tacuaral. This tour offers quality English speaking guides, accommodations and services at a good price value. It's a great way to accommodate both the jungle and the pampas on the same trip without having to stay in Rurrenabaque for one night in the middle. Along with the salt flats, a tour of Amazon will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip to Bolivia.

Day 1

jungle trek

Meet up at the office at 9.00 and you will be escorted to the boat to embark on journey of around 3.5 up the Beni River to the El Tacural Lodge. Upon arrival there will be some time to relax in a hammock and the group will be served lunch. In the afternoon, once the miday heat subsides a little, you will be taken on some of the jungle trails by your guide where you will learn about the enviroment and look for animals such as monkies, deer, peccaries, capybaras and a variety of birds. He will also show you some medicinal plants adn remedies for various illnesses. Dinner is served back at the lodge and afterwards the group will go on a night walk to witness the noctural wildlife and listen to the many sounds of the jungle.

Day 2

boat tour

Today after breakfast the groups visits an area known as Caquiawara. here we will find a clay lick where we can observe parrots and macaws. You will have great views of these birds from an observation platform and hopefully some good photo opportunities. After lunch there is a chance to try some fishing and/or swimming.

Day 3

wildlife watching

After breakfast we board the boat to travel back to  Rurrenabaque and  here we will meet up with road transport to the pampas area. Loading up your gear on a 4x4 jeep you will travel throughout the morning  until we reach the Caracoles Lodge on the shores of the Yacuma river. Here you will have lunch before departing along the river in a motorized canoe to observe the abundant wildlife in the area.Caimans, alligators, different species of monkey, capybaras, turtles and many many types of bird can all be spotted during this excursion. The day is relaxing, mostly spent in the boat, but you are sure to see lots of animals.

Day 4

Night tours Lagartos

Today you will go for a morning walk in the wetlands in search of anacondas and hopefully your guide will find one of these enourmous snakes to show to the group. The walk is not a strenuous one and afterwards you will return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta. In the afternoon there will be time to fish for piranhas and to take a swim with the pink river dolphins - a memorable experience. After todays evening meal there is the chance to go on a night trip to serach for caimans and other noctural wildlife.

Day 5

Return to Rurrenabaque

This morning the group will travel by boat to an area where alot of squirrel monkeys can be observed. Along the way your guide will also point out other wildlife from the boat. At lunch time we return to the lodge for our last meal at Caracoles and say good bye to the staff of the lodge before heading back to Rurrenabaque arriving at around 17.00.

$ 440
Tour Cost

$ 440
Total Cost (USD)

Luxury hotel

$ 0


- Transportation in jeep and motor canoe

- Guide - English and Spanish-speaking

- Cook and meals, bottle of water for the pampas walk

- Accommodation in lodges - mosquito nets, beds, sheet/cover

- Rubber boots (wellies) for walk in pampas marsh land area


- Santa Rosa Municipal Park entrance fee - 150 Bs

- Madidi National Park entrance fee - 125 Bs

- Travel insurance - recommended

- Water / extra beverages

- Breakfast on first day, dinner on last day

- Sunglasses and sun cream

- Insect repellent


This tour starts in Rurrenabaque and DOES NOT include the cost of transport for getting there. We can arrange flights for getting to Rurrenabaque. We cannot be responsible if you book a tour and then you cannot find a transport to Rurrenabaque on time - please make sure you know how to get to Rurrenabaque before booking this tour the tour and we will confirm the tour only if flights are available too). There is a minimum group size of 2 people for this tour to be confirmed (you can make a booking of one person and we can check to see if there are others booked for that date).


Malaria is extremely rare in the pampas and jungle near Rurrenabaque and there has not been any cases contracted locally for many years.That said, there are plenty of mosquitos in the area so it is considered a possibility. Other insect bourne diseases such as yellow fever and dengue are in the area so a good insect repellent and long sleeve shirt plus long trousers are essential.


Swetha R.

Exceptional walking tour of La Paz's murals, which weave a potent tale of Bolivia's political and historical intrigue and the impact thereof on contemporary society. Wonderful to "walk the talk" as it were and learn about the living history and memory of the country and refreshi

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I loved my trips with La Paz , one through Apolobamba and one through El Alto and La Paz. EDU is a fabulous leader who attends to every detail and gives the hiker both a great hike and deep cultural experience. He is informal and care taking and clearly has strong

Manuel Segovia, Wendy Bardin

Tours muy bueno, todos incluido, duchas gratis.  Alan lo mejorrrr.


Antonella Giordano, Steffan zurrec

Valle Hermoso Tours, gracias, nunca cambien don Nico y la mejor cocinera Santu.


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