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Experience the local Bolivian culture on this quick visit to La Paz and the surrounding areas. Visit Tihuanaco Ruins as well as Sun and Moon Islands on Lake Titicaca. Explore Lake Titicaca, a geographic landmark at the crossroads of the Andes and the Andean plateau. This is South America's largest and the world's highest navigable lake. According to legend, the son of Inti, the sun god, emerged as the first Inca from the waters of Lake Titicaca.

Day 1

La Paz City Tours

Walk through the historic city center, walk through the typical markets and the famous "Witches Market". We fantásitcas panoramic views from the viewpoint of Killi Killi and the Valley of the Moon, where we enjoy a typical Andean lunch.

Day 2

La Paz - Tawanaku - Copacabana

At 8:30 you will be picked up from you hotel, this tour takes you across the immense Altiplano (High Plateau Ranges) with spectacular views of Andean fields and small mud houses. Later we get to the town of Tiwanaku, where is one of the greatest architectural achievements of pre-Incan South America: the Tiwanaku ancient ceremonial centre.
First we will visit the anthropology museum to learn more about Tiwanaku’s history, then we go into our journey back to more than 3500 years ago. At the archaeological site we will see the “Puerta del Sol” (Sun Gate), a megalithic gateway carved from a single block of stone. Also visit Kalasaya, which is believed to be a ritual platform built using huge blocks of red sandstone. The Akapana pyramid is another structure which makes Tiwanaku one of the popular places of interest in Bolivia. Travel towards Copacabana and accomodation at hotel.

Day 3

Sun Island - Moon Island - Copacabana - La Paz

A hrs. 8:45 We went walking to the port to board the boat people to the most important islands of Lake Titicaca, Sun Island and then the Island of the Moon, both are ruins dating from the time of the Incas and had great prominence to the rule in its most imposing period, "El Palacio del Inca" or "Pilcocaina" and "the Temple of the Virgins" or "Iñac Uyo" are the most important, in the Island of the Moon enjoy lunch prepared by the local community before returning to Copacabana to hrs. 16:00. Return to La Paz.

Day 4

La Paz - Coroico - Coroico - La Paz

At 7:00 you will be picked up from your hotel in private transport to go to magic region of Yungas, the geographical transition between La Paz on the altiplano and the Amazonian rainforest. We start ascending to “la Cumbre” at 4700 masl, from there you can see the majestic Real Andean Range, after we descend until 1525 masl, through mountains, snow caped peaks and forests until a lansecape sub-tropical jungles of Los Yungas of La Paz.
After 3 hours we arrive to Coroico, it is a relaxing town where the climate turns warm. This town sits on a small mountain slope just above a river with amazing views over the green forest-covered Andean foothills. Visit Coroico and its agricultural areas, which produce abundant crops of coffee, fruits and coca, trekking through forest. In the afternoon we will visit the nearest refreshing waterfalls.
Return to La Paz, aproximately at 16:00 we arrive to down town.

$ 280
Tour Cost

$ 280
Total Cost (USD)

Luxury hotel

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- Accommodation Copacabana

- Food: 2 breakfasts + 4 lunches

- Transportation back to La Paz

- The tourist boat transport to Isla del Sol bilingual guide

- Transport La Paz to Copacabana in shared tourist bus (pickup in the center of La Paz hotels)


- Insurance

- Dinners available for purchase

- 1st + 4th day Breakfast, Water / Beverage / extra snacks

- Air transport to and from their country of origin

- Airport taxes or payments

- Tips and porterage

- Expenses Extras

- Extra Expenses

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you provide us with the point hotel / pickup correct you need. You must be ready and waiting 7.00 / 7.45 (let you know the exact moment when you confirm your reservation) - pick-up is less than half an hour from now. Sometimes with certain hotels this time varies, but it will let you know if this is the case when confirming your reservation. No ATM in Copacabana so please

The collection is only the center of La Paz hotels - we do not collect apartments / accommodations Airbnb and areas outside the center of La Paz (Miraflores, Sopocachi, San Jorge, Calacoto, San Miguel are all out of the area uptake). If you want to take the tour, but not to the collection area must make your way to the bus terminal directly.

Swetha R.

Exceptional walking tour of La Paz's murals, which weave a potent tale of Bolivia's political and historical intrigue and the impact thereof on contemporary society. Wonderful to "walk the talk" as it were and learn about the living history and memory of the country and refreshi

Raul B.

I loved my trips with La Paz , one through Apolobamba and one through El Alto and La Paz. EDU is a fabulous leader who attends to every detail and gives the hiker both a great hike and deep cultural experience. He is informal and care taking and clearly has strong

Manuel Segovia, Wendy Bardin

Tours muy bueno, todos incluido, duchas gratis.  Alan lo mejorrrr.


Antonella Giordano, Steffan zurrec

Valle Hermoso Tours, gracias, nunca cambien don Nico y la mejor cocinera Santu.


Camille Perat