Toro Toro National Park - Cochabamba

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It is a paradise for lovers of geology, paleontology, we see traces of large reptiles of the Mesozoic and deep caverns of the karstic. There is the vast cavern of Huma Jalanta, the cavern of Huaca Senka and others. There are dinosaur tracks and areas with abundant fósiles.Alberga the Inca ruins of Flame Chaqui and cave paintings. A particular attraction is the impressive Canyon del Valle de Toro Toro and the surrounding areas.

Day 1

Depart from Cochabamba

After meeting up with your guide in the morning we will leave early from Cochabamba in our private 4x4 vehicle. Our journey will wind through a series of changing landscapes and you will witness the diversity of Bolivia as the scenery passes by your window. There will be chances to stop and take photos along route. Once we arrive in Toro Toro we will check into our chosen hotel and then pay a visit to Umajalanta - the deepest cave in Bolivia.To get there we will embark on a pleasant hike and along the way we will see the first dinosuar footprints of our tour. Much of this cave remains unexplored (only some 7km have been explored so far) and we will be entering with our torch and helmet into just a small percentage of this collossal formation. Inside we can see stalactites and stalagmites plus see blind fishes that live inside. We will have evening meal and stay the night in our hotel.

Day 2

Ciudad Itas and Dinosaur Footprints

After breakfast in our hotel we will set off in our 4x4 into the mountainous countryside until we arrive at a place called Ciudad Itas. This is at an altitude of 4000m and we will see some interesting rock formations that have been created by water erosion over thousands of years. We will also see some rock paintings that are said to be over 2000 year old. This area offers us a unique viewpoint of the surrounding area and its canyons and ridges plus it is also home to king of Andean birds the condor which if we are lucky we will see.Later on this day we will visit the Carrera's pampas and here we will find many different kinds of dinosaur footprints. Our guide will show us the best preserved ones and give us information as to which dinosaur made it. There is plenty of time to ask questions and take photos.We will return to our hotel and have our evening meal there.

Day 3

Waterfall El Vergel and Titanosaurus Footprints

Today we will visit a natural theater and a bridge formed by nature plus also see the largest dinosaur footprints that have been found in the area made by a dinosaur called Titanosaurus which could grow over 36 meters long. We will then visit another viewpoint giving us breath taking views over the canyon. In this canyon lives families of the endangered red head macaw and it is sometimes possible to see them. From here we descend a stairway to the bottom of the canyon and the surrounding vegetation will become more lush as we arrive to a waterfall call "El Vergel". There is time to bath in the clear waters of the fall and relax amongst nature. Our last visit will be to see some more footprints located near the village of Toro Toro. There are hundreds to observe and they come from a variety of different dinosaurs. Before we head back to Cochabamba we will eat a traditional lunch from the region.

$ 180
Tour Cost

$ 180
Total Cost (USD)

Luxury hotel

$ 0


- Transportation in 4x4 vehicle

-  English-speaking guide

-  National Park entrance fees

-  Helmet and headlight for Umajalanta cave

-   Meals during the tour  - 2 x lunch, 2 x evening meal, breakfast in hotel + 2 nights accommodation.


- Transport to Cochabamba (tour departs from Cochabamba)

-  Extra drinks, water and alcoholic beverages

-  Breakfast on first day, dinner on last day

-  Sunglasses and sun cream

- Additional snacks.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This tour begins in Cochabamba and does not include transportation costs to get allí.Por Please email for more information.

Price - The price per person for this tour changes depending on group size. The group size is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 clients.


These tours visit remote areas that have very limited facilities. If you are sick or if there is an accident there is often no medical facilities nearby other than basic care. If things go wrong face the reality of travel in a remote area of a developing country.

Altitude sickness - The city is at an altitude of about 4000 meters so you should acclimatize in order to minimize the negative effects that might feel at this altitude.

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