Horse Back Ridding 3 days - Nort

Terra Autentica

Our visit in Horses for Tupiza, this valley presents the beautiful and colorful multicolored mountains with rock formations, shaped by water and wind, are objects of curiosity given to its forms, its climate is varied with variations ranging from areas much vegetation completely arid Does the requirement ?, a spirit of adventure foolproof as it is a region that offers the traveler more than a rustic living conditions

Day 1

Tupiza - Salo

We leaveTupiza at 10:00 am and head to Villa Fatima, Project San Gerardo, Palala with its red rocks, we cross the river to Low Tambillo, Tambillo Alto, Monte Rico with spectacular rocks, Charaota, Valley of the Vizcachas, come to La Porongo with phallic-shaped mountains, San Miguel, land of apples and corn, continue to Salo (accommodation).

Day 2

Salo - Salo

It is said that the bandits of the American West slept and planned the assault on the remittance of the Aramayo mining company in 1908, continue by a mountain ridge where there are houses of the village and more arid vegetation and reach La Apacheta, bridle path here and hear the wind whistling to relive memories of the last days of the famous outlaws, still present in this mining territory are yaretas, Quenuir that originate in this arid place, we get out off the jeep down a rocky path to Huaca Huañusca reach, after an experience, and remembering that time we return to Salo (hébergement).

Day 3

Salo - Tupiza

We leave at 8:00 AM with the vivid memory of this place, with an image engraved in the history of the famous outlaws, who have assaulted the shipment of the Aramayo Company and subsequently escaped by fleeing in the mountains, to San Vicente mining area, we return to Tupiza, always accompanied by the mountains, birds and lots of vegetation and so that we finish our journey of 3 days in Tupiza.

$ 224
Tour Cost

$ 224
Total Cost (USD)

Luxury hotel

$ 0


- Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian non-vegetarian), Lodging, Mineral Water

- Experienced guide and friendly, docile horses, saddles, boots, saddlebags.

NOT INCLUDED: Toilet paper, cigarettes, personal snacks.


- Camera or camcorder, small backpack

- Sunglasses, sunscreen, bathing suit

- Warm clothes (jacket, cap, thick socks, sweatshirts, gloves, waterproof)

- Heat (lighter clothes, hat), must have long pants, comfortable hiking boots

FREQUENCY: Daily. Make your

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