Cordillera Real Trek Kotia - Zongo

Terra Autentica
Terra Autentica

Bolivia extreme geography of deserts, mountains, canyons. It is the most isolated country of America, Our walk includes the slope of the Andes following a pre-Columbian road, known as the subtropical Yungas region. The presence of their people, the beauty of its wildlife and its extraordinary landscapes and unique from snow to rainforest of the Yungas, make this sector one of the most attractive of Bolivia.

Day 1

La Paz - Lake Kotia - Quebrador

Departure from La Paz in vehicle to the Real mountain range and Lake Kotia (2 hours and a half). He began the walk on a path gently towards the Andean foothills. Later, looks to the left Titicaca lake. The road goes down zigzagging to reach Quebrador near the Ajwani (3 hours) lagoon. Camp.

Day 2

Quebrador - Lake Ajwani - Sistaña - Lake Jurikhota

Start of climb between streams and lakes to reach the summit (4900 MS). There are the most impressive panoramic view of the Cordillera Real. the great volcano Sajama then go to the farm of the plateau. The road is winding and beautiful, with Sistaña lagoon where you can have lunch and rest. The lagoon, the road begins to climb and then goes uphill to the summit (4900 MS). Take the road to the left and down to reach a blue lagoon. Laguna Jurikhota beautiful and secluded, surrounded by snowy mountains. Camp (5 hours).

Day 3

Jurikhota - Lake Glaciar - Lake Chiarckota Condoriri

Quickly climb between large stones and curves begins to the edge of a frozen lake. Then you see Condoriri Mountain (5770 MS). If you want adventure, you can continue on the way up to reach the peak Austria. Located at the foot of the cairns, Condoriri Mountains National Park. Let's go down a narrow path to reach the Chiarckhota lagoon. Camp (4 hours).

Day 4

Chiarckota - Chacapampa/Zongo - La Paz

Starting early from the lagoon. Take road begins a gentle but constant ascent. The road runs along an icy water that goes down to the lagoon. Beautiful view from the highest peak of our journey that is more than an altitude of 5000 MS. The floor looks sand, crushed rock but by the wind. Gently down shortly before ascending back a step. Spectacular view of Huayna Potosi (6088 ms). Then the descent to Zongo Valley and the town of Challapampa (5/6 hours). Drive vehicle to return to La Paz (2 hours). Possibility of staying in the base of Huayna Potosi for want climb this mountain area.

$ 295
Tour Cost

$ 295
Total Cost (USD)

Luxury hotel

$ 0


- Spanish-speaking trekking guide

- Meals during trek

- Camping equipment - tent, mattress

- Private transportation or minibus depending on the number of passengers.

- The animals (Llamas) loaded the collective and individual equipment (limited to 15 kilos).


- Travel Insurance - recommended

- Sunglasses and sun cream

- Dinner at La Paz and Beverages

- Sleeping bag - can be rented for USD 15

- English-speaking for an additional cost

- Porters for this trip at a cost of 36.50usd$ per day. You can carry a backpack up to 50 liters in size.

Swetha R.

Exceptional walking tour of La Paz's murals, which weave a potent tale of Bolivia's political and historical intrigue and the impact thereof on contemporary society. Wonderful to "walk the talk" as it were and learn about the living history and memory of the country and refreshi

Raul B.

I loved my trips with La Paz , one through Apolobamba and one through El Alto and La Paz. EDU is a fabulous leader who attends to every detail and gives the hiker both a great hike and deep cultural experience. He is informal and care taking and clearly has strong

Manuel Segovia, Wendy Bardin

Tours muy bueno, todos incluido, duchas gratis.  Alan lo mejorrrr.


Antonella Giordano, Steffan zurrec

Valle Hermoso Tours, gracias, nunca cambien don Nico y la mejor cocinera Santu.


Camille Perat