Why Visit Tupiza La Joya Bella De Bolivia

BECAUSE the city sleeps in a lap of peace and quiet, with its narrow winding streets, some wide avenues, its shaded square with its magnificent statue of Don Avelino Aramayo, its nice viewpoint, the Heart of Jesus, its beautiful seventeenth-century cathedral, its wondrous Elephant Hill, the famous house in Chajra Huasi and its beautiful people.

BECAUSE the landscape is unique in its kind, nature has endowed this "Rinconcito encantao" (says Alfredo Dominguez), an exceptional beauty.

BECAUSE of the clear blue skies, blazing sun and the red rocks, like a cardboard cutout painted on both sides of the gorge (petrified fire).

BECAUSE of the willow green countryside, pepper trees, poplars, the garment of cornfields, orchards and gardens are enhancing their areas of vegetation.

BECAUSE of its diverse climate, with variations ranging from heavily vegetated areas to completely dry spaces with lots of multicolored mountains.

BECAUSE the muddy river in lush summers, surrounded by shiny grey beaches is paramount of the season.

BECAUSE this valley presents the beautiful mountains with colorful rock formations, shaped by water and wind, objects of curiosity due to their forms.

BECAUSE of the air of nostalgia under the old trees breezing wonderful times, moving the leaves of the pepper tree to the river banks and TERRAUTENTICA will always be waiting for you to share your place in TUPIZA.